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ABSOLUTELY THE BEST. I'd give him 500 stars if I could.

This is a long post but I think it’s critical to explain why the 500 stars. Background: My H1 was expiring in Nov 2022 and my wife’s in Sept 2022. I also received my I-140 in EB-2 category Aug 2021. My company filed for H4 EAD in Aug 2021 but the processing time was 10-14 months.. So there was almost 100% certainty that my wife wouldn’t be able to work past Sept 2022 and because she had less than 12 months left on her H1, she couldn’t switch jobs. Since my company’s attorneys didn’t have any other solution I reached out to Rabi. Consultation 1: We explored multiple options ranging from me getting transferred to Canada or moving back to India. During the conversation I mentioned that I had a second I-140 from my previous employer with a priority date of Dec 2013 and Rabi instantly told me that I should immediately work with my company to downgrade my I-140 to EB3 and apply for Adjustment of status and advance parole Consultation 2: Because I had given up hope of getting Green card in my lifetime, I didn’t know what the process was. So this consultation was to learn about the process. Rabi explained in detail the EB3 downgrade, Adjustment of status and Advance parole option in more detail. He walked my wife and I through all the steps and documents in a very systematic manner and this helped me be extremely well prepared for my discussion with company. After this consultation, I worked with my firms immigration team and got the paperwork going (due to our company’s policies which I was very unhappy about). To make sure everything went smoothly I engaged Rabi as an external counsel and his attention to detail helped me fix a lot of errors that could’ve resulted in RFE. Some of the errors were so bad that they could’ve resulted in rejection of the application. After multiple rounds of reviews, the petition was submitted by my firm and the whole process was done in around 27 days. Rabi actually spend two full weekends reviewing the case and was available for any questions I had which helped keep my anxiety down. Overall, I cannot say enough good words for how helpful Rabi from HSD was.

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If I can give more than 5 stars I would. We approached Rabi on a super short notice to get some last minute applications filed with the USCIS. He made the whole process such a breeze for us, and was prompt with all the responses and paperwork. I don’t think we could have made our Sept 30th deadline without his guidance and help. We were in a fix last month since, all the paperwork had to filed through and prepared by our company’s Legal immigration team, a fact which me and my husband were not very comfortable about, given how many mishaps happened in the past. This time we decided to get Rabi to review all the paperwork prepared by of company’s Immigration team, and what a great decision it was. Rabi pointed out tons of mistakes, some extremely grave that could have resulted in a straight up denial. He provided a thorough final check on all our documentation and made the process smooth for us. Since we were running on an extremely tight timeline, Rabi went above and beyond and helped us over the weekends too(which we genuinely feel bad about). I don’t think without his oversight we couldn’t have pulled off this endeavor to file paperwork with the USCIS right the first time. His guidance and advice on matters are very balanced and will provide insight into all possible perspectives, he will listen patiently to all your queries and concerns before weighing in his opinion, it was so easy working with him. Again, to say it’s a 5 star service would be an understatement. Hands down the best lawyer I have worked with ever!

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During the past 6 years, Rabindra helped us file various petitions from H-1B, H-4, H-1B extension, to Green card. He was always reachable, very patient to listen to our questions and concerns, and responded promptly and confidently. Notably, back in March 2014, Rabindra was working at a law firm and assigned to take our emergency case of filing two H-1B petitions for my wife and myself. He was able to complete our petitions and submit to the USCIS within 2 weeks prior to the deadline for the application. My wife received her H-1B in the same year while I got mine the following year after we re-submitted my petition. In November 2017, when we were deciding whether to file our green card petitions with my wife employer, we were told by other attorneys that the chance of getting our green card petitions approved was very small because of financial issues that my wife’s employer was encountering. On the other hand, Rabindra was completely thought the opposite and explained to us by providing a list of laws and facts that justified why our case would be approved without issues. We decided to work with Rabindra for our green card petitions filing after we were convinced by his evaluation and judgment. In December 2019, we were announced by the USCIS interviewer that we have become the US permanent residents officially; Rabindra was there in the interview and shared the joyful moment with us!

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My sister and her family in better and safest place on earth. Mr. Rabindra Sing, young lawyer worked hard to made this happened

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